Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take part in the game?

1. Firstly, create an account. 
2. Add balls by paying or inviting friends.
3. Drop the ball - Use gravity to find the winning route down.

How is my win chance calculated?

We use a mixture of user-inputted, physics based interactions coupled with probability algorithms to determine our winners. See our 'provably fair' for more information.

What is "Fair game"?

Fair game describes an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator. 

How does it work? 

Provably fair systems rely on cryptographic hash functions, which make it possible to turn data into a string, known as a hash. A property of these functions is that it should be very difficult to derive the original data from the hash, or find two data strings with the same hash. It is nearly impossible to crack strong hashes with the technology available today, and evidence of this is in the Bitcoin network. The cryptography behind the network has not been broken, and likely never will be.Cryptographic hash functions are ideal for Online raffles. It allows dropit to prove to the player that they did not change their seed throughout a game, without actually showing the seed to the player.

How do I get my winning?

We do not support direct skin trading, instead, we send you the items market price equivalent in cryptocurrency Ethereum. Ethereum can be sent to any ETH wallet you indicate or directly to Lootbear/Bitskins/WaxPeer in order to purchase the desierd items.

Is there any cash out withdraw fee?

No. Fees are evil.

How do we determine the current Ethereum price?

Ethereum price is based on ETH/USD conversion on the moment of transaction.

What is minimum withdrawal limit?


I accidentally dropped a ball, how to get it back?

Unfortunately all balls dropped are final and can not be restored. If you experienced a system error, please contact support and explain thoroughly what happened.

I have purchased balls but didn't receive balance in site?

Your payment can take up to 10 minutes to be processed, if more then an hour has passed please contact support immediately. 

How to protect yourself from scams?

Everyone pretending to be “administrator”, “moderator” or “trade bot” is a scammer - we will never send you screenshots of our control panel or add you on Steam for purposes of trading your items. We only reply directly to your email ticket.

How do I contact support?

You may write to us here:

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to resolve your issue.

What are the other balls I see?

The other balls that are dropping belong to users who lately won a prize, in order to preserve browser memory and maintain a smooth experience we do not show all dropped balls live.

Business inquiries, partnerships, sponsorships


For other business inquires write to the email mentioned above and they will forward it to the relevant person.

I have requested to withdraw my winnings but received nothing?

Payouts usually take a couple of minutes but can take up to 2 days to be processed, you can follow the status of your payout in "My inventory" --> History tab --> Cashouts.

Where can I see my charges/balls dropped/payouts/winnings history?

You must be logged in, go to "My inventory" page --> History tab.

Referral code rules and consequences 

Referral codes are meant to help onboard new users with an exciting incentive, users who will abuse this system by creating multiple accounts, or any other hack attempt will be banned immediately and will not get any refund.

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